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Fiber Optic Connectors and Adapters

Network Cabling Fiber Products

» Fiber Patch Panels & Optical Distribution Frames
» Fiber Cross Connections
» Fiber Active Equipment Connections
» Fiber to the Home and to the Desk Connections
Attenuation (dB /km)
Single Mode 1310 / 15500.38 / 0.24
Band Width (MHz/km)
Multi mode 62.5/ 125 - 850/1300500 / 500
Multi mode 50/125 - 850 / 1300500 / 500
Multi mode OM3 - 850 /13001500 / 500
Fiber Patch Cords are interconnection cables (between two fixed cables, devices or between a device and a cable) that are formed by the assemblie of two of the connector types such as SC with a Tight Buffered Patch Cables / ZipCords in different configurations. ETK patch Cords, with Standard lengths between 1 to 10Mt (Non-Standard lengths are available upon request), are manufactured by using both G.652 & G.655 Single Mode and 62.5/125 & 50/125 (OM2 & OM3) Multi Mode Fibers. Simplex and Duplex types of all ETK Patch Cords types are also produced for different requirements and needs.