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Fiber Optic Connectors and Adapters

Network Cabling Fiber Products

» Fiber Patch Panels & Optical Distribution Frames
» Fiber Cross Connections
» Fiber Active Equipment Connections
» Fiber to the Home and to the Desk Connections
1 - : Connectors are Passive Fiber Optic components produced as Simplex and Duplex according to different requirements and applications. ETK Fiber Connectors support the splice and termination of 900 µm, 2mm, ve 3mm Fiber Optic Tight Buffer Cables, Patch Cables that have different types, constructions and designs. Several versions are produced to be in compliance with both G.652 ve G655 Single Mode and 62.5/125 - 50/125 (OM2 ve OM3) Multi Mode Fibers.
2 - : ST, SC, LC, FC ve MTRJ are the standard types of our product portfolio.

* All our Connectors are “UPC”; “APC” versions of SC and FC types are also available.