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LC Connectors and Adapters

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Optic performanceLC Connector
Single Mode (SM)
Insertion lossMax. 0.3 dB – Typical 0.2 dB
Return lossUPC > 50 Typical 55
APC > 60 Typical 65
Multi Mode (MM)
Multi Mode (MM)Max. 0.5 dB – Typical 0.3 dB
Temparature cycling(IEC 874-1)-40°C / +75°C (40 cycling 0,2dB change)
High temparature (IEC 874-1)+75°C (96 hours 0,2dB change)
Damp heat (IEC 874-1)%95 RH for +60°C (96 hours 0.2dB change)
Vibration (mated pair IEC 874-1)10-55Hz (1.5mm P to P 0.3dB change)
Mated pair (IEC 874-1)1000 mating cycles (Every 25 cycling 0.2dB change)
Working Tempature-40°C / +85°C
Intermateability (IEC 874-1)Optically and mechanically compatible with all equivalent connectors.
1 - : -LC connectors occupying half the space of connectors such as SC connectors.
2 - : -Used extensively in the local area network closet as Standard fit to many market leading hubs and switches.
3 - : -SC connectores are comprised of a polymer body, ceramic ferrule and rubber boot.
4 - : -Suitable for 900 µm, 2mm ve 3mm cables